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Guns of Honor ® is the first of it’s kind program. Developed and designed to bridge that education gap between legal and responsible gun owners and those that have been affected by gun violence. We believe that these group should not be divided by partisan politics or the lobby groups that believe things can be only one way forcing the public to choose sides.

Only through education and working together can we ALL better protect our children and the public from those who would obtain guns illegally, break the law and harm our communities by gun violence.

Your generous donations, sponsorships, grants and memberships can help us to achieve our mission of Stopping Gun Violence One Gun At A Time“.


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Guns of Honor™ is proud to support our veterans, and first responders that have been affected by gun violence in the line of duty. Your generous support and donation is used to assist families and individuals with assistance for utilities, food items, clothing, education and much more. For larger donations please contact us directly at (352) 396-3980.

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First Responders - Military & Veterans

We stand beside those who protect our community and our country!
In addition to waiving our initial, one-time fees, you will enjoy certain other honorary privileges that highlight our commitment to you and your service to others. Exclusive Service Competitions for Law Enforcement and Military members. Members are treated to special, one-of-a-kind events, banquets and awards catered specifically to encourage a spirit of camaraderie.